Regency Property Funds allow investors to take advantage of the current exceptional opportunities in the United States property market through a regulated and authorised fund with a unique investor focused structure.


Regency launched early in 2010 after two years of successful pilot private portfolio investments and has now launched 13 funds. Several of those funds have now completed and returned funds to investors with annualised returns of between 12% and 34% Net.


The U.S. property market mis-price was clear to the Regency team in 2008/2009, five years of research, practical experience and highly profitable market participation sets Regency apart other recently formed US property funds.


Regency identifies highly discounted property assets from entities that are motivated sellers at pricing points significantly below perceived market levels. The entry prices allow simple property strategies to be applied to create substantial yield and capital gain returns.


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Regency has been established in such a way as to give investors the highest level of confidence in their investment; by providing visibility and liquidity whilst under the strict controls of stringent authorisation, regulation, management, administration and auditing.


Regency has chosen the most investor focused fund structure within a strict regulatory environment and involved globally recognised and industry leading companies in the administration, auditing and custody of the fund.


The funds are available exclusively to pre-qualified investors, institutions and their advisors.






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